Humanizing a Brand

What does it actually mean to humanize a brand? I honestly thought I had it all figured out until a recent conversation that I had. See in my mind humanizing a brand meant that the brand became more social, creating conversation with followers and fans and not just using social as a messaging broadcast tool. In fact, I’ve been complemented by many on how our brand has become more human with the constant interaction that we do provide across our social networks. What else could there be?

Aside from engaging in conversation with our followers and fans, which is a big part of humanizing our brand, we have to make our products human too. That gets accomplished by telling stories of how those products and/or technology came into existence. What was the vision behind the concept to create the product or develop the technology? Those stories put a human touch into the product and hearing about the passion will resonate with people. We want to create that emotional connection with people, and then foster and build up the relationship.

What does humanizing a brand mean to you? How important is it to you for a brand to be more human?

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