Who Do You Inspire?

Inspire. Dream.
Inspire. Dream. © AGeekMom. Photograph by Justin W. Moore (www.outdoorphoto.com)
Answering the opposite is probably easier. I’m sure you could rattle off a list (long or short) of who inspires you, but do you know if you inspire anyone? In other words, have you had such an effect on someone’s life that they’ve decided to model theirs after yours?

Thinking about the answers to these questions could lead to some ego boosting and chest thumping, but if thought about in the right way the answers to these questions should be viewed as validation for your efforts.

Knowing who you inspire is a great encouragement to continue doing what you’re doing. We all need the affirmation that we’re doing something right from time to time, and the names of those you inspire should do just that.

This is question that really made me think and take a good hard look at my life and what I’m doing. Hopefully this question is making you think as well.

Do you have any stories to share of people you’ve inspired? What would it mean to you if someone told you that you inspire them?

10 thoughts on “Who Do You Inspire?

  1. This is an outstanding question. And thank you for inviting people to own who we are. Humility can turn into a false humility and an unnecessary apology for being good at something.

    As a basketball coach you must really deal with the fine balance between ego and confidence in your players. Someone like Muhammad Ali was unapologetic about his greatness–and he delivered greatness. He owned who he was/is.

    I was rocked when a close friend told me that he admires that when times get tough, I don’t worry myself into paralysis. This is a guy I think the world of. He makes waaaay more money than I do, he’s well respected in his profession, and I never thought I’d inspire him in any way.

    But he admitted once that he’s lost hours doing nothing but worrying, while I seem to remain optimistic and in motion. Yes, that did validate me and who I am for him.

    Other people have commented that I move forward. It might not be fast and it might be “somewhat but not exactly forward” but I move forward. And they find it inspiring. It’s also a reminder to myself when things do get dark: I’ve got a deserved reputation for pressing on.

    We need that feedback in life because life doesn’t give us a win-loss record to review at the end of the week.

    Damned good inquiry today, Jason.

    1. Hi Oz, thank you once again for contributing to this blog with your response. Thank you for sharing your story here! From our conversations on social, I’m not surprised that you are an inspiration to your close friend.

  2. HI Jason, I love this article, great questions. You know, the biggest reason I love blogging it’s because of how it makes me feel after seeing comments from readers and friends who said I have touched their lives and that I have made them want to do more. Words are powerful and if used wisely to inspire and to encourage then our world is a better place.

    1. Thank you for your comment here Misty, and more importantly thank you for your friendship! Both you and Marty have inspired me to take my blogging to the next level, and I appreciate both of you!

    2. Misty, how true. Just looking at your blog inspires me to plan to get myself back to NYC. LOL! I miss it.

      You’re right though. Blog comments and feedback do show us where we’re making a difference and being inspiring. Makes it work dealing with the HTML and CSS when WordPress isn’t acting right. 🙂

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