My First Sony CES

DSC01660I remember getting the “My First Sony” cassette tape player when I was a kid (younger generations are probably wondering what a cassette player is). I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store. I could listen to the music that I wanted to, and not whatever my parents were listening to on the radio. Being at CES for the first time was like being a bigger kid, in a bigger candy store, with a big gadget sweet tooth.

Since this was my first experience at CES (and hopefully not the last), it was quite overwhelming at first. I was happy that I got to see the booth before the show started so that I could check out each product without fighting the masses of people that would be there later on.

Experiencing NAB and InfoComm prepared me for the size of the booth, but seeing all of the Sony products just lying there on display waiting to be checked out was pretty incredible. I remember telling myself that this is what my son must feel like at Toys R Us looking at all of the Thomas trains. I definitely annoyed a bunch of people that were cleaning the fingerprints off the tablets and new Xperia Z smart phones on display, and those that had the new VAIO’s looking a specific way.

Above and surrounding the Sony booth was one large ring of screens that displayed everything from the stage presentations to the live demos that were being conducted on the show floor to the sizzle reel that played throughout the day. The screens allowed everyone to see the presentations and demos from wherever they were in the booth. The Sony CES sizzle reel had the Gran Turismo 5 demo, and you actually felt that you were inside one of the cars as it was racing down the track when it was playing. To the left and right you’d see either the track or the crowd in the stands and in the front and back you’d see other race cars. It was quite the experience! Oh and did I mention that I got to see LL Cool J demo Boomdizzle on the Sony stage?

Sony introduced a number of new things, but the One-touch technology and the new Xperia Z smartphone was what I personally liked the most. I liked having the ability to connect all of the Sony devices together in a quick and easy way without having to plug them into each other. I liked the design of the new Xperia Z and the fact that it is waterproof!

My first CES also brought another new experience, which was working with bloggers in a professional capacity. It was a pleasure to work with Misty and Marty McPadden, Ann Tran and Michael Farkas, and Jessica Northey. It was a great learning experience for me and I could not have been working with a nicer, hardworking, professional group of people. Meeting with them in person also reinforced my belief that social media or the web should not completely replace face to face meetings.

I really cannot complain at all about my first Sony CES experience, and as I mentioned earlier I hope I get to experience it again. I could go on and on about it all day, so if you want to chat with me about it hit me up on Twitter: @JasonEng_. You can check out all of the photos that I took from the show here.

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