Want Different Results? Change!

Kurzhantel © apfelfred
Kurzhantel © apfelfred
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this phrase, “we need to do things differently”, but I know it’s a lot. All too many times though, when a conversation includes that phrase, that’s as far as it goes. All of the talk centers on how people want different results. Well if you want different results you have to change. And if you want drastically different results, you’d better be prepared for some drastic changes. Here are two points to consider:

The first step is always the hardest
Change isn’t easy, and usually it’s the first step that’s the hardest because you immediately are challenging the status quo that you’ve been used to for too long. Signing up for the Super Spartan Race in September 2013 created a fixed goal that required a change in my lifestyle. I had to start exercising to build up my cardio so that I will have the stamina to complete the race. The hardest part was getting off the couch and working out for the first time. It was a shock to my system and my body was not used to the activity. But since then it’s gotten better because the workouts have been regular. By the way, if you’re curious about what workout I’m doing, it’s called “Insanity”. No matter the situation, the first step towards change is always the toughest, but as you go along with your plan to change, each day gets easier.

There is no quick fix
You see the ads on TV and on the web all the time. Take a pill for 30 days and lose all the fat around your midsection without lifting a finger. It’s magic! Well, if the cameras were to follow the models promoting these products you’d see that it’s more involved than that. Exercising every day and controlling your diet would be a must to achieve results like they show you on TV. In preparation for the Spartan Race, I’ve had to change up my diet as well. If you’re serious about change, it will take commitment for the change to have a chance at working as a long term solution. This can (and most likely will) lead to some tough decisions and perhaps some “moments of truth” that need to be addressed.

What’s your advice for anyone looking to make a change?

8 thoughts on “Want Different Results? Change!

  1. Step 1: is to get real about how big the commitment is. Some things are a great idea, and that’s all they’ll ever be. It’s ok. Whether it’s about weight loss or learning new yo-yo tricks, it’s ok to admit that it ain’t gonna happen.

    Step 2: If it is something that’s going to happen, HOW is it going to happen?
    This week I committed to learning JavaScript. I can get a book but I know that it won’t work. So, I signed up for a class because the pace of the class is going to force me into an unbreakable routine.

    One thing I’ve found is that an effective change is often launched with a gesture of being all in. But each of us has to determine what “all in” means to us as individuals. It could mean having a certain conversation that we can’t take back. Example: “I want a divorce.”

    For me, $30 for a book wouldn’t be all in. But tuition for a 6-wk course … brother, I’m all in. Change is ahead.

    1. Hi Oz, thank you for sharing, and good luck with your JavaScript training! I hope you’ll be posting your learning experience on your blog. I totally agree with you, if you want to change for real, go all in.

  2. I agree if we want results we need to make changes. I love what you are doing though, you are sharing your journey with others. I do the same thing, when I commit on doing something, i usually share what I do to my friends and family, they can be our great source of inspiration when hitting the goal becomes harder. I am rooting for you my friend!!

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