Spartan Race: You’ll Know at the Finish Line

The Spartan Race, a grueling obstacle course race designed to test your physical ability and mental determination. I finally had a chance to participate in one on April 13 at Citi Field, New York. There are different levels of Spartan Races and this one happened to be a Sprint, the shortest distance offered. The total distance was roughly 3 miles with 15 obstacles.

I respect the race much more now that I’ve had the chance to go through it. I can’t say that I’m in bad shape, but I know I’ve got a lot of work to do if I’m going to compete in one again. Looking at a list of all the obstacles on a sheet of paper doesn’t do the race justice at all. You might think to yourself, “I can climb a rope and go across monkey bars with no problem”, but what you don’t factor in is how tired you’ll be after doing other obstacles and running. You’re in constant motion moving from one activity to the next, and you only get one chance to complete an obstacle. If you fail you have to do 30 burpees.

Teamwork got me through it, and that’s what I really like about the Spartan Race. There’s this attitude amongst teams that they all start together and finish together. People encourage people throughout the race, even if they don’t know each other. In a world where so much is put on individual achievements and accolades, this kind of attitude was really refreshing.

I know I’m not really giving much information to go on here, but other than being tough, exhausting, and mentally challenging, the experience of the race is hard to describe. The phrase “you’ll know at the finish line” really does hold true. And I enourage anyone who is remotely interested in trying a Spartan Race to do so. When you cross the finish line you really do feel like you’ve accomplished something.

I will be running in a Super Spartan Race in September, which will be about 9-11 miles long, and I promise that I will be better prepared!

Spartan Sprint Citi Field Medal
Spartan Sprint Citi Field Medal


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