Taking The NEX Step Up From Point And Shoot Photography

I don’t remember when, but at some point over the last couple of years I thought that photography would be something really fun to get into. So I decided to drop the point and shoot camera and dive headfirst in the land of DSLRs. Rookie mistake. Sure I carried my DSLR everywhere and took photos of everything, but in my hands the DSLR was just an expensive point and shoot. I wasn’t using it to take great photos, just larger ones. So after shelving my DSLR (since I didn’t have the time to learn how to use it properly anyway) I went back and forth from my cellphone to point and shoot taking pictures. Cellphone photos are ok, but I still think the best photos come from regular cameras. Enter the NEX-F3 mirrorless camera.

NEX-F3 Interchangeable E-mount Lens Camera
NEX-F3 Interchangeable E-mount Lens Camera

The NEX-F3 is a 2012 model, but it’s still a great camera and I think it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to step up from a point and shoot. For people who don’t have time to learn how to use a DSLR, the NEX-F3 guides you on what the settings are in the camera so that you can take some really great shots. So you can start off using the camera as an “enhanced” point and shoot, and then when you’re ready you can start to use more of the manual controls. For beginners like me, it keeps photography fun and not frustrating because I can keep learning while taking some really nice photos.

Children's toys are great color subjects to photograph
Children’s toys are great color subjects to photograph

The size of the camera is also nice. Compared to my DSLR this camera is small. I can’t put it in my pocket, but it’s not bulky at all and I don’t have to carry a separate camera bag for it. The NEX-F3 is an interchangeable E-mount lens camera, so you have a variety of lenses to choose from, and if you’re into taking selfies, the LCD screen tilts 180 degrees. Not to metion it also looks pretty sleek too.

I just love this shot!
I just love this shot!

The two things that I wish it had (that some of the higher models have) are a viewfinder and Wi-Fi capability, but I’m not complaining. Right now I’m just trying to become a better photographer and this camera is not only helping me to do that, but it’s also keeping me interested!

Endless photo opportunities in New York City!
Endless photo opportunities in New York City!

Well I can say what I want, but the proof is in the photos right? All of the photos I’ve posted here (with the exception of the photo of the camera) were taken with the NEX-F3. What do you think? What camera are you currently using to take your photos?

South Street Seaport is a great place to visit and take photos
South Street Seaport is a great place to visit and take photos

7 thoughts on “Taking The NEX Step Up From Point And Shoot Photography

  1. Sounds PERFECT for a beginner – which I am! I use my cell phone.. we were burglarized a few years back & just never replaced anything plus they were film cameras.. I love the progression you wrote about – very cool!

    1. Thanks Jody! You and I are in the same boat and this camera has been perfect for me. I’m able to take some really great shots and experiment with the features and am getting used to all of the settings. It definitely keeps me motivated!

  2. Oh boy! My experience is like Jody’s. I had a lot of camera equipment that was stolen. I came home one night and burglars took everything that would fit through the bedroom window–including my iron. Any way …

    I take pics with my phone.

    1. Hi Oz, sorry to hear that all your stuff got stolen =(
      I still take photos with my phone if I want to instantly share, so I use both my phone and my camera. The picture quality with my camera is way better though. Have you wanted to replace your camera equipment?

      1. No no. No interest in replacing the gear. By the time the burglary happened I was already past my photographer phase.

        One thing you might be able to answer: what about battery life?
        When I travel or do something that mandates picture-taking I do like to have a true camera. The thing I haven’t liked about digital photography is that the cameras I’ve had would go through batteries like they’re free.

        What’s your experience with this?

      2. Hi Oz, I feel the battery life on this camera is pretty good. If I were shooting photos all day though, I’d probably want to have an extra battery or two just in case. But I’m thinking that this has to be the case for most devices. I also carry a portable battery/charger with me too so I can plug the camera in to charge for a bit if I’m taking a break.

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