Unplugged by Fate

Do you need to unplug? "Plug" © Brad.K
Do you need to unplug?
“Plug” © Brad.K

I often see people writing about how you need to disconnect from social media regularly to prevent burnout, recharge your batteries, and/or get back in touch with other things that are important in your life. While those of us who are in the social media business know that this is sound advice, I’m not sure how many actually take it. Well at times when we’re not smart enough to take good advice, the “powers that be” end up helping out.

I had an opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my older son, Derek, in NYC, just the two of us. It wasn’t a nice sunny day as I had hoped. My original plan was to take him out to Battery Park on the lower west side of Manhattan. I thought that he would enjoy the playground and I’d get some good photos out of it too, but those plans were nixed by the rain. I was pretty disappointed by that. So instead I decided to take him to FAO Schwartz. After all, what kid doesn’t like going to a toy store?

What started out as a disappointment (because of the rain) ended up being a day full of first time experiences for Derek. It was his first time taking the subway, his first time at FAO Schwartz, his first NYC pretzel, and his first Happy Meal from McDonalds. And we also ended up getting him and Logan, my second son, something from FAO Schwartz, all in all a good day!

So for those of you that know me you’re wondering about the pictures. For those of you that don’t know me, I pretty much take pictures of everything that I do. I might not post them all, but I do take a lot of photos. I take a lot of photos and I’m very active on social media. This was the perfect day to take pictures, to capture all the first time experiences Derek had that day and share them with the rest of the world. But I don’t have any. Well, I have one. And here it is.

Flynn for Derek, Clifford for Logan
Flynn for Derek, Clifford for Logan

See what happened was that as we were walking to the subway I realized that the memory card for my camera was still in my laptop. I had forgotten to put it back in the camera, and with no onboard memory, I couldn’t save any shots. I did have my cell phone with me, but I decided not to take it out to take pictures. I realized that while this might be a great time for photos, it was an even greater time to spend with Derek and give him my complete attention. The photos are all in my head and the two of us will have those shared memories and it’ll be special. Sometimes the “powers that be” need to step in and remind us to slow down and unplug.

Have you had a similar experience like this? What was one time when you were “reminded” to slow down and unplug?

6 thoughts on “Unplugged by Fate

  1. Excellent post, Jason. Too often we’re more concerned with the photos so others can enjoy our experience and less concerned with actually being present and enjoying the experience first-hand. It’s important to have photos, don’t get me wrong. But it’s more important to experience life without looking at it through a camera lens.

  2. Wonderful post, Jason. Too often we find ourselves needing to share our life with total strangers rather than be fully present for those who we’re actually with. Photos are great, don’t get me wrong. But life wasn’t meant to be experienced while looking through a camera lens.

    Our kids will never say they wish we took more photos of them. I’m certain your son will remember that day for a very long time, and even though there are no photos but the one in this post there will be no doubt in his mind how awesome that day was.

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