Same Old Different Day. Sound Familiar?

Done anything new lately? © Leyram Odacrem
Done anything new lately? © Leyram Odacrem
Do you find yourself using this phrase often? Same old, different day. I do, but usually it’s when someone is asking me how I’m doing or how my day is going. It’s a great response for implying routine, applicable for things like the daily commute to work. But if this response describes your business model, then you might be in for some tough times in the future. Businesses that want to get ahead and stay ahead need to keep pushing the envelope to stay better than the competition. That doesn’t mean they need to dive into everything that’s new and up and coming, but at the very least they must explore all options. This direction, or change of direction, must come from the top. The leader of your business, big or small, must be an advocate for change and innovation.

Don’t fear the unknown
As a leader you can’t fear the unknown. You have to have a healthy respect of the unknown, but you can’t fear it. I had the privilege of coaching basketball for 10 years, and for those 10 years I found myself having to constantly change things in order to stay ahead of the competition. Some of those changes meant trying new plays, which meant more failure before success, but it was those news plays that kept our opponents off guard and guessing as to what we would do next. I also found that trying new plays was motivating for the players. Implementing new plays was risky, but I limited the risk by doing a lot of research and studying first. I was able to implement plays that best suited the skills of my players. Don’t fear the unknown, instead have a healthy respect for the unknown and do your research and then apply the best strategy. I think that you will find that if you try implement new things with a clear strategy and plan for action, your employees will be challenged and motivated.

Always be willing to learn
It is impossible to know it all. While I was coaching basketball I always said that the minute I stopped wanting to learn more about the game and how to be a better coach is the minute I should stop coaching. After being successful it’s very easy to fall into a routine and become comfortable and complacent. But being too comfortable and complacent will open the door for competition to catch you and jump ahead. So I kept learning by watching basketball and studying the methods and plays that successful college coaches used for their teams. While putting in new plays kept the team ahead of the competition, the players were motivated by my desire to always want to better the team. It is also important that you learn from those you lead. Not only will this motivate them, but they will also bring in new ideas that you have not thought of.

Sometimes you need new faces
Rotating the same people into the different positions just gives you the same ideas from different positions. Sometimes in order to get new ideas you need to find new people. Enough said.

How do you change up the “same old different day” mentality? What methods of change do you find work well?

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