A Glimpse Of Real Leadership

A Glimpse Of Real Leadership
Is your leader worth following? Photo credit © VinothChandar
There are plenty of blogs and articles devoted to leadership, and it kind of makes me wonder if there is a shortage of really good leaders. A short while ago I had the honor of experiencing an example of what real leadership is, and I’ll never forget it.

The experience wasn’t some grand presentation or speech, or award winning plan or huge sale. It wasn’t some martyr syndrome act of perceived sacrifice either. Instead it was a simple text message to ask if I was ok. That’s it. No grandiose chest thumping self-promotion, just a quiet, simple text message. In fact the only spotlight it will ever receive is due to this blog post. It was an ego-free, kind act of unselfishness.

This person that I had the pleasure of working with understood the value of relationships and the value of people, when it came to building a team. This person also understood the power of motivation and knew how to motivate others. And that was through transparency and a dedication to building genuine relationships. Whenever I spoke to this person, I never got the sense that they were looking past me or uninterested in the conversation. This person understood that a leader is nothing without a team to back them up. I’d work for this person again in a heartbeat.

Do you have any personal examples of real leadership to share? I’d love to hear them.

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