Pause The World: Keep Looking Up

Pause The World: Keep Looking Up
Pause The World: Keep Looking Up

When I originally took this picture I was so concerned with how the building looked symmetrically that I didn’t notice that an airplane had crept into the photo until I got home and viewed the pictures on my computer. I captioned it “Timing is Everything”, but after having a conversation with Ann Tran on Instagram, I feel compelled to change the title to “Keep Looking Up”.

This picture is a reminder to keep staying positive and focused on your goal. Put in good, honest, hard work and in the end you will be rewarded. If you keep your down you’ll miss out on good opportunities. I could have never timed this photo on purpose to include the plane, but I would have never captured it had I not been looking up.

Keep the company of those that will help support you and help you stay positive, and offer to do the same for them. When you’re looking down, what are some of things that you do to get yourself looking up?

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