The Sony NEX-6, I Rarely Leave Home Without It

My first step up from a point and shoot camera was the NEX-F3. I really liked that camera and it was the perfect step up. But the more I got into photography, the better I got at using the manual settings and so I felt the need to step up once again. For my skillset and needs, the NEX-6 was the best fit for me. Now I have to fully disclose that while I am an employee of Sony Electronics, I did not get the NEX-6 for free, and I also did not use a Sony discount to buy the camera.

So right off the bat the one thing I really needed was a viewfinder other than the back LCD panel. If you’ve ever tried taking photos outdoors on a bright day you’ll understand why. The cool thing about the viewfinder on the NEX-6 is that it’s electronic, so that means whatever settings you change in the camera will be reflected in the viewer. If you change the ISO or aperture you’ll see it right away before you snap the shot.

The Sony NEX-6, I Rarely Leave Home Without It
Photo credit: Calvin Lee
Wifi capable
The other reason why I love the NEX-6 is because I can send my photos to my phone through a wifi connection from the camera. You do NOT need to be on any other wireless network, the camera creates one of its own. This is great because after I take a shot, no matter where I am I can transmit that photo to my phone and share across all of my social networks without having to wait until I get to a computer. You’ll have to download the Sony PlayMemories app for your mobile devices to transfer the photos from the camera, but once you do, wifi transfer is really fast! And you’ll have the option of transferring the original file size or a compressed version. Transferring a compressed version is quicker obviously, but I’ve transferred original file sizes too and it doesn’t take long at all. The app also allows you to select which photo you want to transfer, so you don’t have to transfer every photo on the camera.
The Sony NEX-6, I Rarely Leave Home Without It
Photo courtesy of Sony Electronics
Photos come out great
The NEX-6 does produce a really great picture, and at 16.7 megapixels the images are large enough for my purposes. The lens that I use is an 18-200mm Sony telephoto lens. To be honest I’m still a beginner when it comes to photography, and right now since it’s still only a hobby so I haven’t made the investment in other lenses, but I might have to think about adding other lenses to my arsenal soon.

The Sony NEX-6, I Rarely Leave Home Without It
Photo credit: Calvin Lee
So anyway, if you see me walking around NYC taking photos, that’s that camera that I’m currently using. What camera gear do you use?

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