Pause The World: 5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

I’m really thankful for all of the positive feedback and support that I’ve received for the photos that I’ve taken and shared on social media. But in reality I’m still a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to take your photos with a camera or a cellphone, the end result is what matters most. And in the end, we all just want to see good pictures. This post was inspired by a conversation that I had with Ann Tran, who has been very supportive of the photos I’ve taken. I’ve been fortunate to be able to take photos of what I believe is the greatest city in the world, a city that seems to effortlessly provide a limitless amount of photo opportunities. What I want to do is start sharing some of the people that photograph this amazing city in ways that I can only hope to aspire to. I hope that you will show them the same support you’ve shown me. My goal is to make this post the start of a series that I will share from time to time, of the Instagram profiles of great NYC photographers. Have you tried to seek out the great photographers from your city?

Pause The World:  5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

I had the great pleasure of going to a photo walk with Vivienne Gucwa and I’m totally looking forward to the next time we get to go. She has an amazing eye for photography and is extremely humble. Walking around with her taking photos opened up my mind to new ways of looking at the way scenes unfold in front of me in New York City.

Pause The World:  5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

When I look a Jacob’s photos, I always wonder how he gets the vantage point for his photos. They always make me want to go to wherever his location is and see the scene for myself.

Pause The World:  5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

When I started following @ice_kad, I was drawn to the intensity of his photos. If you aren’t from NYC, follow @ice_kad, it’ll make you want to visit.

Pause The World:  5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

Ariel has a way of making ordinary moments look really good. I know that if I were to see the same scene in front of me, my photos wouldn’t be as good as his.

Pause The World:  5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

The creative perspectives that Lexi puts out in his IG feed will just make you say wow. There are some amazing views of NYC in his feed.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations, do you have any recommendations for who to follow on Instagram?

4 thoughts on “Pause The World: 5 NYC Instagramers To Follow

    1. Thanks Jody! I really appreciate all of the support that you’ve given me. There are other IG photographers that I can’t wait to highlight here too! I love the motivational photos you post as well!

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