My Honda #FitForYou Experience

I recently had the privilege of being invited to see the 2015 Honda Fit. Thanks Jonathan and Ellen! This event was the perfect example of why brands really need to get as many people as possible to experience product demos. If you were to ask me what I thought about the Honda Fit prior to the event, I would have said tiny and economical on gas. After seeing it in person, I still think the car is small, but I’m really impressed with how much you can pack in it.

The Demo
So like I said, I was really impressed with how much you could fit into the car, and I would have never figured had I not seen the demo in person. An in person demo is totally different from reading specs on a brochure or seeing a PowerPoint presentation. While you might be able to do some calculations on space given the specifications of the car, actually seeing someone pile stuff into the car definitely has a bigger effect. Plus, seeing how easy it is to move the seats around in the car was also good.

My Honda #FitForYou Experience
Will they all fit?
My Honda #FitForYou Experience
Of course they will!
The demo also included how to use the dashboard and the apps that you can run in the car. As someone who doesn’t like reading car manuals, I found this extremely helpful because there’s nothing more frustrating that trying to figure out how to use something new under pressure. Not only can you plug your smartphone into the car, but since it has an HDMI port, you can actually plug in a portable DVD player into the car as well. But you can only watch movies on the dashboard when the car is parked, which is obviously for safety reasons.

My Honda #FitForYou Experience

The Drive
I had to chance to take the 2015 Honda Fit for a drive, thanks Ellen for accompanying me! The drive was good. The car was easy to handle and responsive, and we even had the chance to experience some NYC traffic. One of the nice features in the car is the passenger side camera which shows a view of the lane next to you on the dashboard when you signal right. It’s great because it allows you to see your blind side when trying to switch lanes. (Sorry folks, no photos here as I was driving).

My Conclusion
If you have to own a car in NYC, the Honda Fit is one you should consider. It’s small enough to squeeze in tight spaces, good on gas, and has a really flexible interior that allows you to pack in a lot of stuff. The side camera is great for changing lanes in the traffic that you will inevitably experience, and being able to watch movies in the car when you’re waiting for someone is a cool feature. But I honestly think that you should go in and see the car for yourself, I think you’ll be impressed.

My Honda #FitForYou Experience
Will all of these boxes fit? Stop by your Honda dealer and find out!

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