Sphere Of Influence: Misty Belardo-McPadden On Blogging And How To Handle Social Media Popularity

Sphere Of Influence:  Misty Belardo-McPadden On Blogging And How To Handle Social Media Popularity

I still remember my first interaction with Misty Belardo-McPadden. I was new to social media and had stumbled up on BitRebels.com and Diana Adams, and noticed that another person was a major contributor to the site. That major contributor was Misty. I really enjoyed reading the posts that Misty wrote and immediately started to follow her on Twitter. I will always remember the first interaction that I had with Misty on Twitter as well. She asked a question about what different Twitter applications people preferred to use and I responded. When she mentioned my answer on her PodJamTV video show with Marty McPadden, I was shocked and ecstatic. I couldn’t believe she mentioned my answer! I finally had the chance to meet her and Marty McPadden in person a couple of years ago and we’ve been great friends ever since. Misty is one of the most humble people that I’ve ever met, always putting other people first. Her attitude and willingness to help is a great example of what it means to pay it forward. I’ve had the chance to learn a lot from her and if you connect with her, I know you will too. And in her usual helpful self, Misty took the time to answer some questions:

Me: When and How did you get started in Social Media?

Misty Belardo-McPadden: I started in the early days on social media (beginning of 2007) thanks to my work. I used to work at an ad agency back in the Philippines. My duties included project management and creating conversation starters for the brands that I was managing. I soon realized the best way to be effective is to understand the different platforms. I immersed myself in learning all about Twitter and Facebook which were the two leading platforms back then.

At first it was not so much fun, but when I started meeting people like Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting) and Ann Tran (@AnnTran_) and a host of other really cool people, I started to enjoy the experience. I view social media as a great way to make my world bigger.

Me: You’re always on top of your game when it comes to blogging. The hardest part about blogging (I find) is coming up with new things to write about. How do you manage to come up with all of the fresh topics that you write about?

Misty Belardo-McPadden: You are right Jason. Coming up with topics to write about is one of the biggest challenges I faced when I first started out. I believe being observant and relating it to my circumstance and my community is one skill that has helped me come up with fresh topics to write about. Thinking about who will be reading my content and how it can benefit them has always been my main focus. I believe if something you write resonates with your audience, you can honestly say you’ve done a good job.

Me: For as long as I’ve known you, you’re always impressing me with your willingness to help and your ability to stay humble no matter what you’ve accomplished. How are you able to keep this mindset and attitude, and what advice can you give to people who are starting to gain popularity on social media?

Misty Belardo-McPadden: Good question Jason. To be quite honest, I never really look at myself as someone who has made it. I’m a work in progress. There is always room to improve and that keeps me grounded. Not to say that we shouldn’t celebrate successes as they come. Celebrate and then move on to the next thing. Life is a journey after all.

As for the advice for people who are becoming popular, think of popularity as one of the results of your hard work. Popularity shouldn’t be the goal. One can loose popularity instantly. Someone can come along and be more skilled and receive more attention that you do. Remember, people will never forget the good things you have contributed.

It is sad to see so many people who feel so entitled, thinking they are so popular they can demand anything from anyone. Instead of concentrating on becoming popular, concentrate on building relationships. This is far more important to help you grow both personally and professionally.

Great advice as usual from Misty Belardo-McPadden! You can connect with Misty here: Videochatonair.com, Podjam.tv, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn.

10 thoughts on “Sphere Of Influence: Misty Belardo-McPadden On Blogging And How To Handle Social Media Popularity

  1. What a great article! Misty is a very special to a lot of people on social media (including me!). She is approachable and genuine. I learned how to tweet by watching her and @cheth back in the old days (2009). I’m so proud to call her my friend!! Thank you for featuring her in your Sphere of Influence series Jason. 🙂

  2. Great post as Always Jason! And to Misty…..You are giving sound, grounded advice! I have to Agree 100% with Your Assertions about building relationships, not popularity! And especially so, since Great Relationships automatically will make You a well liked, well rounded person!

    1. Thanks Eleanor! Misty has been an awesome person to talk to and bounce ideas off of. Whenever I’ve texted her or called her at the most random times during the day she’s always been there to help. She always gives great advice!

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