Brands Should Know That Social Media Is About Understanding People

photo credit: ePublicist via photopin cc
photo credit: ePublicist via photopin cc
I remember having conversations with people a while back when social media was just starting to become popular. The people that I was speaking to didn’t really think it was going to be something that stuck around and that they didn’t like social media at all. They thought that it was just some flash in the pan thing and that after a while the interest would die down and it would all go away. Well, they ended up being very wrong.

Ego and Emotion
Think about it, each time we share something on social media we look to see how many likes, comments, retweets, +1’s, or re-shares we get. We want people to like what we share, and why not? If you were posting things on Facebook and found that you received no likes or comments consistently, would you continue to post the same things? I highly doubt it. We also get enamored with the number of followers we have and who is following us. It’s easy to say that we don’t care about the numbers but in reality we all do. If you were on Twitter and had no followers and couldn’t get anyone to follow you, would you still use Twitter? I doubt it. We like or dislike things on social media that strike a chord with us. Things we read and see can make us happy or sad, angry or joyful, laugh or cry. Positive or negative, what spurs us to react and act on social media is emotional.

Understand People
It might sound simple, but it’s something that I think brands easily forget. If you want do well on social media, spend time understanding people. Understand what appeals to people’s egos and emotions. While it’s important to understand and know the different social platforms and how they deliver a message, the message is what’s most important. Brands that understand people will deliver the right message, regardless of the mechanism.

4 thoughts on “Brands Should Know That Social Media Is About Understanding People

  1. I often think brands are clueless!!! Those of us in the boomer age see it all the time. Money there yet they leave us behind as people to represent the brand…. and the whole regular peeps with large reach that they ignore cause they want that racer or person winning medals but NOT tweeting or anything else.. great post! AND don’t get me started on the bloggers that get used & abused! 🙂

    1. We just have to hope that the people that run social media programs for brands have a plan. It’s definitely not an easy task. I’m sure that there are opportunities that are missed all over the place, and sometimes it all depends on who brands feel they need to target.

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