Sphere Of Influence: Justice Mitchell on “Reality vs. Perception” the Value of Social Media for B2B Brands

Sphere Of Influence:  Justice Mitchell on "Reality vs. Perception" the Value of Social Media for B2B Brands

Meet Justice Mitchell, the very first person that I met on social media to chat with me on the phone. And while that might not sound significant to you, it was to me because I wasn’t all that comfortable meeting or speaking with people that I interacted with online. That one phone conversation with Justice changed my opinion of that. I’ll never forget the chat because he was willing to help me prepare for a job interview. It spoke volumes to me because outside of Empire Avenue, Facebook and Twitter, we had never spoken to each other before. So for him to want to help someone who was pretty much a stranger really impressed me. Although it took a couple of years after that phone call for us to finally meet in person, I consider Justice to be a brother to me. He’s a smart, witty guy with a great sense of humor, and he tells it like it is. He’s also not afraid to admit mistakes and openly takes responsibility for his actions. I respect him for this. It makes him real. When you meet Justice, what you see is what you get. Genuine honesty. Although it feels good to surround yourself with people that always agree with you, it’s best to have friends that aren’t afraid to disagree with you and give you constructive criticism. Justice continues to be a positive influence on me and if you connect with him I’m sure he’ll be a positive influence on you as well.

Me: When and How did you get started in social media?

Justice Mitchell: I think that much like the old brigade of web designers that are from the 90s we simply took it upon ourselves to see the industry much like a journeyman’s position. We really didn’t know what we were doing, which are shared information and did the best we could. As the industry started to mature and galvanize beyond simply tools and techniques, we could then circle back and apply the learning’s to integrated marketing as a whole.

Social media has been much the same process for me. I just simply adopted it as it became popular among early -adopters. We kicked the tires on as many applications, networks and schools of thought until it started to become recognized. It’s funny, most “tech savvy” or “social media minded” professionals will tell you that they have used technology and gotten bored with it before it became popular.

Foursquare? Are they still around? BOOM!

So as for the when? The when, is simply when we stumbled across whatever network seemed to have real value to my clients beyond just a one trick pony. “What’s this twitter thing I keep hearing about?” Shortly thereafter were all jumping on that application seeing what makes it tick. I think that’s what keeps the industry fun for us, it’s constant evolution that brings about new tactics and techniques progressively.

Me: The phrase that you embedded in my brain when it comes to social media is “perception is everything”. For all of the new social media users out there, can you elaborate on that?

Justice Mitchell: Moreover, “reality vs. perception” is really the hidden mantra of all advertising and marketing. They all say that lawyers are the bottom-feeders of the professional world. There are times when being an advertiser is far worse in my professional opinion. It’s my job to craft messaging and engagement in such a way that I change your mind or constructs an opinion that you previously did not have.

This constructed perception is crafted in countless ways, from social media channels, to television, to podcasts — you name it. I’m not saying that I’m the devil, I’m just saying I’m an influencer. You can be the judge as to which is worse. LOL.

Me: As the Global Social Media Director for Kaseya, a B2B company, What advice can you give people who struggle to find the value of social media for B2B companies?

Justice Mitchell: The funny thing is when I first started doing social media marketing for a B2B company I thought much like many people did. “Why would you need that?” Interestingly enough, B2B holds just as much value if not greater than B2C from an educational, thought leadership and support perspective. Businesses galvanize around brands they feel are at the ready.

The primary two directives that I see within be to be social media relationships is the construction of ‘recruitment ‘of new client acquisitions, and the ongoing ‘retention’ of the loyalist that is in place or has been already been created. This can be done in ways such as white papers and webinars, robust community discussion or being the team that diffuses a support crisis of a social media influencer that could cause great brand disruption.

If you haven’t connected with Justice, I highly recommend it. Here’s where you can find him: JusticeMitchell.com, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

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