Sphere Of Influence: My First Photography Lesson Was From Giovanni Amatore

Sphere Of Influence:  My First Photography Lesson Was From Giovanni Amatore

The reason why I wanted to start this section of my blog is because I wanted to feature the people that I’ve met mostly through social media that have had a positive influence on me. It’s the beauty of social media. You can connect with just about everyone and anyone. If you’ve been following this section you’ve probably recognized a good number of people to be featured here, but there are also people who aren’t as well known on social media that have had a positive influence on me. One of those people is Giovanni Amatore. I first interacted with Giovanni on Instagram, because were using the #TeamSony hashtag. At the time I was even more of a beginner than I am now, and Giovanni took the time to comment on each of my photos consistently, regardless of how bad they were. I agreed to meet him when he came up to New York City to take pictures and that’s where I had my first photography lesson. Giovanni took the time to explain all of the functions of the camera to me, and I credit him for taking my interest in photography to the next level. As we spent time taking photos, I got to know him better as a person, and it’s why I enjoy meeting the people that I interact with online. You can get an idea of who a person is, or who they want you to think they are, from what they post or say online. But it’s not until you actually meet them in person that you can know who they really are. And once you get to know who they really are, it makes the interaction on social media much better. As I continued to interact with Giovanni on Instagram, I’m always impressed with how he generates exposure for his photos. He’s a very creative photographer and you can see and feel that passion with each photo he posts. Connect with Giovanni on social and get to know him; he’s a good friend to have and a knowledgeable resource.

Sphere Of Influence:  My First Photography Lesson Was From Giovanni Amatore

Me: How and when did you get started using social media?

Giovanni Amatore: I first got into social media when Facebook still required you to be invited in order to create a profile. Over the years it changed dramatically changed and when instagram was introduced, I approached it with extreme caution. I wanted to make sure it was a legit social media site that would be able to showcase my pictures in the style I wanted. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

Me: Your photos on IG consistently get a lot of likes, what’s your secret? How do you determine what you post there?

Giovanni Amatore: My photos I would say have up and down months, with everybody now making it a point that if they follow you, you MUST follow them back, it can make it hard to really grab all the followers you really want to get. My secret was entering photo challenges on instagram such as @beatsbydre when they ask for people to use their hashtag so a lucky few will be showcased on their IG page (yes I got featured twice). I post whatever really strikes me as an awesome shot. I like to post anything and everything, post pictures of adventures me and my girlfriend go off to (she also helps a lot with her Caporales pictures and to help get shots I need that photographer partner in crime to capture). Sometimes it can juts be a door, or a flower, a sunset, the sky or just something that really grabbed me at that moment enough to capture the shot and post it. I woudln’t say I have particular theme to my IG page, it’s kind of all over the place which gives me variety.

Me: What do you look for when you go out and shoot? What’s your mindset? Do you have a specific goal in mind when you go shoot?

Giovanni Amatore: I go out and shoot anything and everything. Sometimes I’ll be driving, see something that needs to be captured on camera, I’ll find parking and make sure that picture gets taken. My mindset is simply to do the picture justice, if it means taking 22 similar shots but narrowing it down to that final perfect shot will be worth it all. Sometimes I’ll have a theme in mind and am better prepared to focus on solely that theme. However I find that sometimes going without a certain goal can allow more freedom for that one shot you weren’t expecting…a in the moment shot that you’ll forever remember.

You can connect with Giovanni Amatore here: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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