Always Be Open To Learning From Others

I like looking at pictures. One of my favorite social media sites at the moment is Instagram because you can just scroll through tons of photos that people have taken and see some amazing shots.

I feel that I learn a lot from the photographers that I follow on Instagram. I often see places that I never knew existed and their photos make me want to go and see it for myself, especially if it’s in New York City. I also see how different photographers use different angles and how they frame their shots, and seeing those things gives me ideas for my own photography. It’s amazing to me how many people can look at the same exact thing and see it completely differently. Sometimes I see some photos that have had some post production editing that just looks really nice.

Thanks to @Ice_Kad on Instagram, these kind of photos have made photography even more fun and exciting!
Thanks to @Ice_Kad on Instagram, these kind of photos have made photography even more fun and exciting!

One of the photographers that I follow on Instagram that has shown me all of the things that I’ve mentioned above is @Ice_Kad. I noticed that for a time he was posting photos where only one object was in color, and the rest of the photo was in black and white. And while that might not sound like something brilliant at first because it seems so simple, I decided to try it and I felt that it moved me up a level in my own photography.

See anyone can take colors out of a photo and leave only one, but the photo still has to tell a story. The photo still needs to be thought out and framed for it to look good. And this new technique (to me anyway) opened up a new world of possibilities. It made me look at scenes differently, see ordinary things in a new way. It’s made photography that much more fun and exciting for me.

One more cool thing about @Ice_Kad’s photography is that he only uses his smartphone. I know the photography purists will scoff at that, but that too has challenged me to be a better photographer. I’m not the first to say this, but the best camera that we have is the one that’s available to us at that moment, and it might just be a cellphone.

Sometimes I think we get to a point where we think we don’t have anything more to learn about a subject. And that can happen for a number of reasons. We could have been doing something for a very long time, building up a ton of experience and think we’ve seen it all. Or maybe we’ve been complimented so much about our skill that we think we’re on top of the world. But in both cases, or in any case, it’s good to keep an open mind because there is probably someone out there that can teach us a thing or two. What do you think?

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