What “Just Go Shoot” Taught Me About Doing Things With Intention

When I first started thinking about getting into photography as a hobby, I considered it one of those “if I have time” hobbies. I’d carry my camera with me and if I happened to see something cool I’d take a picture. But after seeing photographers constantly share pictures that just blew my mind, I realized that if I were to take this seriously I’d have to change.

There are just some things you don't see everyday, like this piano in the river.
There are just some things you don’t see everyday, like this piano in the river.

When I first saw the #JustGoShoot hashtag, I decided that I needed to do as it implied, and go out with the sole purpose of taking photos. That’s when I started to see some growth and improvement to my photography. That’s not to say that I don’t carry my camera with me at other times, because I do. But when I’m out for other reasons, my mind isn’t really on taking photos. When I set aside the time to go out for the sole purpose of taking photos, I’m not rushed, and I take the time to look at everything around me.

Setting the time aside to take photos also allowed me to learn how to use my camera. I’ll admit that I don’t use all of the functions that are available on a daily basis, but I do know what the camera can and cannot do. Most importantly, I know what functions are best for specific situations so I won’t miss out on good photo opportunities.

I’ve also come to understand that I won’t take a good picture every time I’m out. You can’t expect to be great at anything overnight, and especially not with photography. If I’m out taking photos, I’m happy to come back with a couple of shots that I think are really good.

Doing things with intention means to do things with a purpose, or goal. As with anything in life, what you spend your time and energy concentrating on (whether it’s positive or negative) will be what shows. Just because you do things with intention doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. It will most likely not be, but in the end you will have grown from your experience, and if you’re smart, learned something from it.

Do you find that you do things with intention too? Do you notice a difference when you do and when you don’t?

17 thoughts on “What “Just Go Shoot” Taught Me About Doing Things With Intention

  1. This is one of 2 recent blogposts that reminds me to let go of concerns I have about a series of videos that I have in mind. It’s time to “just go shoot.”

    Thanks for this. Time to get in action.

      1. Jason, thanks for the response. I’m glad you got something from it. Pivot tables aren’t so hard. I think the challenge is in knowing when to use them.

        Thanks also for the inspiration to just create the doggone thing and stop thinking so much.

    1. Thanks Jody! It’s also about making the time. I see how much time you spend in the gym and it shows, but getting to where you are didn’t happen quickly. Dedication and focus is needed.

  2. It really is an AWESOME shot! This would be a pic that someone spent hours on setup for! Obviously, in Your case Jason, going out with intent makes a huge difference! Great post!

    1. Hi Eleanor, most definitely! The thing about this picture is that I never would have had the opportunity if I had not gone out with the intention of just taking photos. Usually we just go to where we are supposed to go in our routine. Taking time out to take photos gives me the freedom to check lots of places and take my time.

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